December 5, 2007

My 1981 kx80 and the first year of the Unitrak suspension, the second photo is racing
in the 80A class on that bike in the yamaha gold cup series Whidbey Island.
This on a high speed roller that you'd hit flat out. The Whidbey Mx

track was more like an enduro it was so long. We had 2 - 25 or 30 minute
motos or something and only did 4 or 5 laps. The track had a gnarly for
the day - ditch jump that was right out of a hairpin turn,
the jump was more of a big dropoff about ten to 12 feet up which
was followed by a 12 foot trench, it wasn't a double you'd just land on the flat.
It turned out to be a no brainer even though I worried about it all
night wondering if I was going to be able to clear the thing.
I was 13 and only on an 80 and I remember guys in the senior classes were even talking about it.
On an 80 you had to be really committed out of the turn, fanning the clutch, to have enough speed to clear it,
but then you'd just float right over it.
Even though you landed on the flat the suspension soaked it up.

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