January 19, 2009

Perfect Day .. in January !


VonSontag said...

Great girl, great bikes and great blog !
Just a newbee question, what kind of headlight is it on the Triumph. Some motorcycle aftermarket thing, a former car light or something else.
Anyway, it's beautiful.

By the way, I used two of your pictures on blog, if you don't mind.

the PiratE said...

Are you the one responsible for that awesome Kawa!?
Saw it a while back on Churchofchoppers(i think it was).
Kick ass bro!

vonsontag said...

arghh ! a Kawasaki for a Triumph !? What a mistake. *feeling ashamed and humiliated*

loserrules said...

this Kawa rules hard.

t said...

thanks.. the light is a 35 dollar swap meet special. Found it buried in a box under a bunch of other lights. It's an old fog light off a truck I believe.

D@n said...

hey t ..Very sexy ride ...full kudos .... Is that a stock frame ?...i have a w650 ...looking to build similar ...looking for a frame/seat /tail ..... cheers d