March 24, 2009


Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

I think this is Eddie Kidd. He was a really cool stuntman in the UK. He was also a model and featured in Levi 501 ads back in the 80s. It's hard to keep jumping the shark, but he kept working, then ended up doing the HA-run Bulldog Bash, a big biker event in the UK. He rode up a grass banking, not knowing it was a sheer drop off the other side and broke his back. Poor fucker. I've interviewed him a few times.
Some say his judgement was impaired because he was on the toot the night before. Allegedly.
He did jumps in Bond movies too.
Of course, it might not be Eddie Kidd. In which case er... GI

Nix said...

That's awesome, thanks for the info. I had no idea who this was and don't remember where I found it.
Amazing shot.

SquirrelSteve said...

Oh no he Di'int!!

Gary Inman and Ben Part said...

not sure about the top shot, but the lower one is our Eddy.
He also had a cameo role in the Tunnel of Love bike film. In a pre-production meeting, the producer asked "have you ever had any serious accidents jumping?"
Eddy stretched forward to knock on the oak table in the office - "No, touch wood". He had the acciedent shortly afterward (no pun intended)