May 22, 2009

my bike

Been riding around after giving it a makeover. Rode the first time today without a pocketful of tools. I never have the tool I need no matter how many tools I have anyway.

Motors 51 Pan - stock
Jockey Top Transmission
Rebuilt Linkert m74B with Custom Cycle Engineering Bird Deflector
old 3 Brush 6 volt Generator I bought it for 15 bucks at a swap..probably die soon
Delco Cut out Relay - mechanical.. I went through 3 of them.. the points were all stuck open.. this ones working for now .. hopefully my solid state relay will get here soon.
Cloth Wiring
Pipes and exhaust are Stainless
SissyBar and taillight stainless
16inch rear Avon mkII
18 inch front Firestone ANS
Wassel Ribbed fender.. swap meet find..
37 knuckle front brake with nos threaded brake cable
Harley offset Springer Rebuilt
Spice (Basara bend Handlebars) thanks Soh!
I remade them to a little to fit the springer


MARSHALLovercloth said...

good taste.


nice !! looks so fun.
send kicker soon.

t said...

Yas..thanks! It is riding a 2 wheeled tractor :)

Neil said...

Your bike looks great.

Knuckleduster13 said...

nice bike, love the basara bars, howd you order em?

t said...

contact Soh -

SonicSeb said...

sweet pan troy !

matt@machine said...

very cool got that sissy bar angle so perfect...

Anonymous said...

i liked it before
but i do like it also now

not more or less than the original look, just the same
that's the magic of your vision; you did transform the look, but you didn't transform the soul of it

take care
carlito from rome

SquirrelSteve said...

It looks awesome man- so glad we got to see it when you first got it, makes it that much more fun to see your vision realized..

Chris said...

Very Nice!!!