June 2, 2009



Neil said...

He was a really helpful and friendly guy on the phone. Heard he lost his life to a lathe. What a shame.

t said...

that's what I heard too.. sad. Got this off the web..

2006 -

Former Racer Lance Weil Killed In Workshop Accident

Lance Weil, 68, a road racing pioneer and former owner of Rickey Racer, a Laverda high-performance shop based in Burbank, California, was fatally injured in an accident while working on a lathe at his shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania last week. A piece of metal flew out of the lathe and hit Weil on the head; he died at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Weil was one of the first Americans to race in Europe in the 1960s.

Lance is survived by his son, Lee Weil, and four daughters, Joeann, Sharada and Katherine.

A service has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th at 8:15 pm at the Yoga Center of California in Costa Mesa, followed by dinner at the Golden Dragon restaurant.

Weil moved to Pennsylvania about four years ago to work for Cosmopolitan Motors.