September 11, 2009

Running with the Devil


I live my life like theres no tomorrow
And all I've got I had to steal
Least I dont need to beg or borrow
Yes Im living at a pace that kills

Running with the devil
Running with the devil

You know I, I found the simple life, werent so simple, no
When I jumped out on that road
Got no love, no love youd call real
Got nobody waiting at home

Running with the devil

.... uh .. or something like that .. I dunno maybe not.. but this Pan - Shovel is crazy, molded and extended 39 knuckle frame ( that alone is enough to make the stocker purists shit themselves, ! ), molded banana tank, Weber Carb, widened BSA rear fender.. Extended Indian Girder, twin Hellas.. David Lee Roth not included.

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