November 9, 2009

No Parking

I shot these photos last year of this Hawgholic built Triumph and the then owner Hajime. It was pouring rain that day and by the time we drove across the city in Hajime's sweet El Camino to where the bike was it was dark. The only hope for some photos was this parking garage nearby with some dim fluorescent lighting. We could only find this one little corner with any room to shoot the bike. Just as I started to shoot an attendant came along and he wasn't too pleased with us taking photos there .. Hajime told him something about foreigners and a magazine or something but the guy wasn't having it and he said we had to be gone by the time he got back. How long that would be we didn't know. So I frantically tried to shoot as fast as I could but the lack of light wasn't helping things. I didn't have a tripod or any lighting equipment so it was hard to get anything that wasn't blurry. I'd take 3 or 4 shots and 1 would be moderately sharp. In the end I did get some usable shots.. we got out of there before the attendant came back and now you can see the photos in the New Issue of DiCE. The characters on the ground mean No Parking from what I remember.