December 13, 2009

Dave Mann

Kiyo.. rips on his knuckle..
Jeremiah of Love Cycles .. uses his throttle sparingly .. wide open or closed.
4Q knuckle

JD on the Dice Sportster he built

Kurpius .. always in the right spot.. burnouts at the stop lights.. cops love that. Luckily Jeremiah and the Chino boys knew him.

What could be better than this in December..


SeeMeSee said...

some text too troy!

t said...

I'm too tired right now .. but I'll add some later.

cro said...

Never get tired of that ride up the coast.. sorry I missed the ride this year.. Good to see you man!


t said...

It's even better when you have your roll and you don't have to come back for a while. :)
Good to see you to Caleb. Nice Denver's front end you got.

LoveCycles said...

Good times man jeuvos out love jeremiah

t said...

Nice riding with you Jeremiah .. hopefully see you in Jan.

choppertown said...

Great riding with you Troy. I had a blast! Also, great shots.

Joe said...

Nice pics man!