January 24, 2010

Cote D' Azur

In late 99 and early 2000 I lived in Nice, France. The roads around the Cote D'Azur and over on the Costa Azzurra, Italy were some of the most amazing roads I've been on. My friend Cookey lives in the South of France and I asked him to send some photos of the area with his bike. Now I miss it even more. Thanks Cookey.. send more photos!


Fashion Serial Killer said...

damn! that's rad that you were able to live there. glad you liked the LOVE pics. The weather was perfect, then all hell broke loose a few days later.

Bird said...

One of my all time favorite tracks on Gran Turismo...love it.

t said...

FSK - the weather was like that here today.

christiano said...

one of my favourite road in costa azzurra is the Esterl...a kind os a canyon...are there pics shot there?


cookey said...

t, its great to see these posted. thanks man.

christiano, i was between Cannes and Saint Raphael.... I got onto a track that took me way up into the
Foret Domanlale de l'Esterel.