January 7, 2010

thanks Dennis

txdennis.blogspot.com sent me these two sweet pics .. He sent me this one of an early shovel in the stock frame. I think he's sick of my dresser pics! I believe he said it was from an old AEE catalog. I like the high mounted peanut tank but they might want to change the cap to a higher position as look how much gas they're missing out on! The peanut's don't hold much as it is. I was going to go this high on my pan but didn't want to move the cap to the higher position so I compromised and went a little lower so I could have just a little more gas.

I don't normally like stock tanks on choppers but this pan looks like a highway beast. I have a seat really similar to this one that I got in Davenport. One of the few things I got in Davenport actually and I've been thinking up my whole bike based around that seat.. probably not even end up being able to use it but it's funny how one part can't start a whole project.


Sideburn Magazine said...

I once built a chop starting with just the tombstone rear light (as shown), but then when the bike was complete, the light didn't look right so I junked it.

t said...

haha nice one Ben! At least you had the balls to junk the light after making the bike around it.