March 1, 2010

Finally made it up to LA missed the Long Beach swap meet because the old cloth wiring and hack wiring just fell apart and I wasted Sunday messing with more.. On some of the wiring the cloth cover just washed away so it was bare metal. Saturday evening in SD a rain storm came through and I was working on the bike outside in the dark with a shop light. Not my favorite conditions. Couldn't figure out what the wiring configuration was. Some was stock,some was previous owners, and all a mess. The stud that holds the coil to the seatpost had bad threads and was cross threading crooked so my friend Dan drove me around to find a fine thread tap in the size I needed late on a saturday in the rain storm. Found one then fixed that.
The next day I had lights but no ignition so was on the phone with Bill and we tried to work out what was done to the bike and what was where. - I should have just ripped it all out and started over but kept thinking it would be easier to patch what I had. Why do people make the wiring so complicated? You dont need many wires to make these bikes run. Magneto woud have been nice. I can't wait to get the bike home to rebuild it.
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