March 8, 2010

Welcome Back Copper

Rode through rain, freezing high winds and then some snow flurries today. Not that bizarre it always snows here first few weeks of March. I remember because I did at least one bike race with snow every March that I can remember. You don't foget that.
20 miles from my house got pulled over at noon by Johnny Law he must've been wondering where I'd been. He was real nice yelling at me to remove my helmet like I just robbed a convenience store. Seems I didn't have my lights on during the day. Said sorry been riding back from Southern California and out of habit didn't turn them on. You can ride without lights during the day there. I tried to explain my generator charging issues, saving the battery, just trying to get home etc.
Well this isn't California.. The bike shouldn't be on the road with no lights- slaps a 124 dollar ticket in my hand, have a nice day. Snow flurries melting on the paper as I stare at it.
Welcome back to Washington
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matt machine said...

t....stop complaining he should have put you in jail for having a crap charging system that owes you 2 and a half thousand dollars and 150 hours of labour time!!!!!!!!

t said...

Yeah your right

Denim Dan said...

Should have joined him for coffee and donuts. I bet he would have let you off if you would have shaved and left only your mustache. fuckin' pigs.

David Bond said...

Perfect, I thought only California laws sucked. Welcome home.

Skylar said...

Not a surprise, they like upping their numbers off of shit like that. Our tax dollars at work.