April 26, 2010

don't mess with your only runner..

Haven't been home much lately and consequently haven't done much
customizing to my shovelhead. It's running and I'm riding it. I have a whole other chassis but the bike has grown on me and I haven't had the heart to change it. I like it how it is. Especially the abilty to have a passenger in comfort.

So the little I've done to it...

new tires..

cut a couple inches off the bars..

cut down the huge front brake lever so it's a one finger deal when I was at BCM/Benchmark 70moto last week.. thanks for letting me use the tools guys ..

The upholstery guy next to the Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa narrowed my king and queen seat for me. Was talking to him about it at the bar at around midnight.. he said give it to me, I'll have it for you by 9 am.. and he did. That's some quick turnaround!

Other than change the oil.. just been riding it everyday..


matt machine said...

fucken tops!


I am glad that you have not changed it too much. I was jealous when riding next to you because it looks so comfortable. This thing looks rad too. So changes by June or not? Jeremy

klem said...

I know what you mean. My bike is uggly as sin, but weather is so nice and i have so big need to ride it that i do't have ocasion to chopp it.

t said...

Jeremy - I'm kinda digging it like it is.. next month who knows.

t said...

Klem - riding them is what it's all about anyway.