July 18, 2010


ZZ chop said...

indeed! that beautiful yellow pan!

jimmy monk said...

when we were in Japan I went to Kobe to check him out.
I never saw anything like it.
2 K models, one a chop. One a flat-tracker
knuckles, dragsters,chops and stock.
The 2 rowdiest knuckle chops I ever saw, the red perforated one and a black red and white 80's Swedish style one that I still weep about.
Pans all over the place, with the blue green outlaw one with a 12 spoke, moulded tank and no suspension.
Not for sale!
It was like the funkiest bike club in the world had showed up.

t said...

Oi Monk.. wish I was going to Kobe next weekend for the New Order Chopper Show.. How long you gonna be in the states? You gonna come visit me or what?