January 5, 2011

Sondra Gale


Motorcycho said...

nice piece! I mean the photo spread, ummmm.... nice

ND said...

Cherokee Kisum

Anonymous said...


Angels from Hell (1968)
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Tom Stern, 20 February 2008

I worked with Tom in Angels From Hell. We worked together after the movie to produce our own biker movie. I had a lot of time and money in lining up the bikers for him. I got the bikers to really fix up their scooters 'cuz they were going to be paid well in the upcoming movie. After everybody had finished their bikes, I had them come together for Tom's inspection. For arranging all of the bikers, Tom had promised me a big part in the movie. On my last visit to Tom's office in Hollywood, he told me that he would contact me when he was ready to film. I waited until I found out the the HA were filming on location (Hells Angels 69). We rode out to location and talked with Terry The Tramp and Tiny. Tom had managed to get the real HA to do the picture and left me and my boys out. plus the HA weren't happy working with him at all.

Tom is a good actor but he is a user/manipulator. Whether this has kept him from going to the top, I don't know.

Dirty Denny