March 14, 2009

Mean Fuckers MC, photos by Ben Part...

a certain M.Davis , pre DiCE yesteryears..


thomas said...

Please bring more information about the
mean-fuckers on web



prosperk said...

That's me with my back to the camera outside The Odd Spot café by Hammersmith Bridge about twenty years ago. I was testing the production racer Daytona for British Bike Magazine.

The MFMC was conceived in the late 1980s as a spoof by the Campling Brothers, Rob Carr and someone else whose name evades me. There was already the MPMC, of which founder MFMC members like Dave Lancaster and myself were members. The motif comprised a skull in a fez drinking a cup of tea. There were only five members...

The original pin back MFMC badges were much simpler than the etched brass badges as illustrated here, which are based on the motif on some teeshirts commissioned by the Camplings. I have a original, mint example of the teeshirt as given by Rob Carr to the French girl who would later be my wife. I found it amongst her stuff a couple of years back.

Like the MPMC, the MFMC was conceived as a spoof but has survived to this day, which is cool. Hats off to the boys and girls keeping it alive.

Prosper Keating