October 27, 2009

This is my friend Peter's Knuckle. The cases are matching 36, the jugs and heads I'm not sure and the frame is 42. All original paint. The motor has been rebuilt recently but for the most part it's been surving like this for a long time. Before Peter it belonged to his father. His father had one new originally .. sold it along the line somewhere.. then in the 60's found this one collecting dust in a barn owned by some farmers. Fast forward to a few years back and the bike was being stored in a garage along with a 64 Panhead. Thieves came and took the Panhead and left the knuckle behind. They never found the Panhead. The knuckle is alive and well. I love this bike.


fastidio said...

thieves were crazy!
left the knuckle and took the pan!

t said...

must've been on crack