December 30, 2009

Bag in Black

Putting all the crap back on the bike made me think of a time I was paid to put together someones new kitchen which was entirely out of Ikea cabinets. The first few boxes I skipped the directions only to realize when I thought I had almost finished the cabinet I had put the thing together inside out or something and have to go back and redo it all over again. I did that a few times and it started driving me nuts . then there was the inevitable crucial part that had been left out of one box or another. A half a day spent going all the way to Ikea for a couple brackets. In the end I felt like paying the people to not let me put together their Ikea kitchen. I finished it in the end but I bet the whole kitchen fell apart by now, damn particle board bullshit.

I'd never spent so much time putting junk on a bike you don't need. I tightened up everything like the jugs which were finger tight!? Replaced a bunch of crucial things.. like the top motor mount bolt which was missing!?. Cleaned out the clutch plates.. then put all the rest of the stuff back on. Haven't even finished the fender add on stuff .. but I started having those Ikea flash backs and stopped and went out and got some late night food. Dick's is a Seattle instution. Menu is as follows: Dicks Special - just a basic burger, Dicks Deluxe - same but with two patties and cheese, fries - one size only .. get two if you want more... sometimes I do , Soda, Shakes. That's it. The closest thing to IN and Out burger in Seattle since we don't have In and Out here .. which is a travesty in itself. I do like Dick's fries better than IN and Out so at least there's that.

My plan was to ride this bike to Portland for New Years. Right on cue, no suprises here, soon as I finished putting the bike back together the rain started again.. and it's got a lot colder.


Sideburn Magazine said...

very evocative shots TC, especially the last one, very Edward Hopper.
But hey where's the toast rack? You know I'm going to keep nagging you until you reinstate it?

Chris B. said...


t said...

I don't have the buddy springs to run that thing yet. plus it makes you feel like your standing up on the bike and also it's not the real generator shovel seat that looks like the back seat of an old Buick strapped on to the top of the bike and is white to add insult to injury. I have to get one.

cookey said...

so did the rain stop...did you make it to Portland for new years?

anywhich way, hope you had a good one and all the very best for this year.

t said...

it never seems to stop.. It rained hard New Years.. so no I didn't bother.. I'm not that much of a masochist.
Thanks .. You too Cookey .. I mean it about coming over and riding the coast.. if that's something you'd want to do.