January 17, 2010

which one not like the others

I was going through some old childhood photos the other day.. and came across this one. This was at some Christmas party at my Aunt's bingo parlor.. early 70's. Look at how thick those cans are! The President on the wall. I was always the kid with the long hair.


Sideburn Magazine said...

Particularly like the Sabbath knuckle tat.
That Santa looks very creepy.
Those Pepsi cans look like small oil drums!

pushrodmofo said...

Ahh the good ol' days of pull tabs. Everybody'd just drop them into the can after opening, until my uncle got one stuck in his throat. Try crushing one of these babies against your forehead. Sure sign of a he-man.

t said...

pull tabs - I'm glad those are gone. People used to toss them at the beach where they'd get buried in the sand,then they would cut your feet up!