January 18, 2010

Flop Tops !

While I was getting xrays in the hospital these lucky guy's were riding around in the sun of Arizona. Here's some more photos of Jason's 49 in the all too familiar rain that I seemed to have brought with me from Seattle when I was down in LA last month. Sorry about that! Probably glad I didn't bring the rain down this time. Hope your weekend was better than mine.


jimmy monk said...

T, that's number 3.
I may have some good news.
Mail me at mickeymonk@hotmail.com
God Bless

t said...

3 .. that's good then!

J said...
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J said...

AZ was great. Nicest roads ive ridden on. Even when the cops come to talk to you they just want to check out your bikes and hang out for a little. Sorry to see your crash. You alright ?

t said...

J - yeah? Good pavement in Phoenix? I saw some photos of you riding out there,looked like it was a good time. Pan did well? I'm banged up from the accident,sore. Got lucky. See any jockey tops? Seem to be a rare breed

J said...

Sorry to hear that. Yea good times in Phoenix. they take care of their freeways in AZ. (At least better then here anyway). No not too many jockey tops out there, not alot of people like them i guess. Did good for the most part. On the way back my cam cover screws started to back out. But it was alright otherwise .