February 12, 2010


My 69 is now going to a good home. Got the insurance money from my recent accident then drove for a day to buy this 67FL complete with some mid 70's customizing .. 71 superglide fork, Dual Hurst Mini disc front brake, Invaders.. Motor is low miles and still has stock bore on the cylinders. The owner has had it for 29 yrs and was good friends with the second owner who customised it from stock with most of what is on it now.
Stayed up most of the night talking and looking at old photos with him and his wife; felt like old friends and a little like I was adopting a child. I stayed at their house but couldn't fall asleep. Drove all day back again cracked out. Good times! In the end I ended up with the 67 shovelhead that I wanted all along. I couldn't bare to tell the owner that I was going to totally change the bike and put the motor in a completely different frame. I wont sell the original swingarm frame though.. one day maybe I'll put the motor back in it.

got bunch of extra parts with the bike.. dual throat weber that was on the bike in the 70's and 80's


David Bond said...

Rad, you got your 67' now your happy, congrats.

Jay said...

nice old man I need to start looking for my 77!
hope to see it!!

cookey said...

sounds like that bike is going from good poeple to good poeple... weather or not the previous owner knows its fate your gonna do it proud i'm sure

Rene said...

very cool!