February 1, 2010

1adam12 - chopper, bum jacket, going slow .. bookem DannO!

Got to ride today, it didn't rain. Saw Chris' project at Speed Shop Design coming together even more. All in all a good day.

Got pulled over by the police going slow in the evening. I always get pulled over on choppers just riding along around here. They said I didn't stop at the light when I made a right turn against it. Balancing feet up at a stop never counts. Doesn't matter that you can take off faster with a foot clutch with your feet up. One foot on the clutch and one on the rear brake. if it's clear you go, if a cars coming just put your foot down since your already at a standstill. Explaining this is futile. I didn't get a ticket just a warning. Which was darn nice of them.
popo- You need to get mirrors on that.
perp -I do have a mirror.
popo-Well you didn't seem to see us behind you right away.
perp - I was watching the crest of this hill to make sure no one turned left into me at the top of it... yes your right officer.
popo - Watch out they're doing speed traps on this road.
perp - Thanks I appreciate it.. but this thing aint no crotch rocket.. it's 60 yrs old. If you get me going fast I should get a trophy!


Freaky Rico said...

Ah cops....

t said...

the same everywhere.

matt@machine said...

t last time i was in sydney on the pan i got pulled over three times....one man told me to never darken his streets again....was a shit day....good friday last year.....but then i have this local man who interviewed me when he first caught me riding the pan in town .... asked me lots of questions....was cool about it.....has seen me ridin many times and never pulled me up again....maybe every now and then theres one chilled motherfucker.

Neil said...

Good times

Anonymous said...

I've learned this is the right attitude to have with them. It took me some years, but i learned how to cope with them

past month tho i got pulled over 3 times
3 times in a month!