February 1, 2010

Pepper Tree where are you?

In Tokyo there's this steak /chain restaurant called the Pepper Tree.. the steaks are great and cheap, .. you chose your steak and all your sides at a little ticket dispenser on the wall. It's a chain that actually has good food. A novel concept! Johnny, Me, Monk.. back for more at the Pepper Tree.. photo by David at Death Spray Custom.

Thanks again for the Jacket Yas! I've hardly taken it off since.

Monkey.. I got your triple tree in the mail today.. needs a Sandblast but otherwise looks good. I'll resend it to you and the rest of the stuff.


Anonymous said...

that's pepper lunch. they closed down recently because of ecoli poisoning.

t said...

Pepper somethn'. Closed down? I thought the Ecoli was the best thing on the menu but I eat at places that specialize in that here so maybe it's an acquired taste. The english contingent.. ah they grew up on Jellied Eels, they can eat anything.

jimmy monk said...

They probably got it from us. Filthy gai-jin bastards.
T, did he send the top and bottom yoke?

t said...

Hey Jimmy.. Yes it's all there.