April 8, 2010

Hoarding and Polishing

Found a 67 rear wheel a bunch of years ago at a swap meet. One of those swap meets where I found nothing I was looking for or needed. I bought the 50 dollar rear wheel even though I had no use for it at the time, one of those I have to buy something or I just wasted my time coming here purchases. It was a good deal as it even came with a rear drum. I remember thinking maybe I'll have a 67 someday and I'll need it. Collected dust in my garage year after year and even tried to sell it at swaps a few times since I had no use for it, Good thing no one bought it because now I can use it on my 67. Hoarding does pay off I suppose. I've been using the brake drum on the bike and the bearings in the rear invader..all from that swap meet wheel. I'm going to lace the hub up to a different rim but first spent the evening polishing it as it was covered with a greasy dust and had some surface rust on it. Came out alright for 43 yr old original chrome. Not Kim Boyle quality shiny but it'll do for me.

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