October 23, 2010

500,000 Kilowatts of PFunk Power

When I moved to LA in the mid 80's I had the privilege of living in the same Apt complex as George Clinton. I never saw him without his two ladies on either side of him.

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jimmy monk said...

I saw Clints tourbus at a petrol station.
It rolled up and opened it's doors.
Now Parliament are Parliament all the time.
So Blackbirds wearing his nappy, Bootsy in full Star child rig. One of them had a werewolf outfit on and they're buying snacks.
I go on the coach to get Clints autograph, thick stink of weed. And he's there with the two chicks.
" No, God dammit, I wanted PICKLES. "
he shout at the chicks,
" and CHOCOLATE ice cream, sheeeiiittt "