October 21, 2010

The Song Remains The Same


Mick P said...

Bonzo! Great, and such an English scene, with that type of fence and the flower border. Bonham looks bored already, apparently he kept very few vehicles for long.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking around for a pic of him with his motorcycles. I remember in Song Remains the Same he rides one. Is this it? Did he have others? Didn't he ride a motorcycle through the glass window of a car dealership that didn't think he was the type that had enough money to pay for one of their cars?

t said...

This is the one he rides in The Song Remains The Same - you can see it
(sort of)in the first part of the clip

Anonymous said...

the finest drummer ever to live..gotta love the tank. beer drinking, hard rockin motorhead...my kinda guy.

matt@machine said...

john henry bonham...moby dick....dick...dick..

jimmy monk said...

In the film they all have little fantasy scenes;
John Paul Jones is a Witch-finder General,
Jimmy Page is a tricky Wizard,
Robert Plant is rescuing some fair maiden.
Then there's Bonzo.
On his tractor, down the pub, playing pool with lovely beer and riding his chop.
No Tolkein bullshit for Bonham.