June 9, 2009

rant number six hundred and sixty six

People in cars don't think . Guy turned left in an intersection and just about killed me last night. I was skidding and thought I was toast but somehow willed my shitty old Harley mechanical brakes to slow me down.. and he buzzed by without ever seeing me. It pissed me off that he wasn't even aware as he drove off and I thought of chasing him down but my hands we're too jittery and couldn't turn around fast enough .. the car behind me came next to me and the two women in it had eyes like saucers.. and were making gestures that the driver had been crazy. Uh huh.. this has happened many times before..

Today on the freeway saw one of those Motorcycles use Extreme Caution orange signs... what was it I thought. The road had been tore up and there was a good 5 inch transition to the lower part of the road.. not bad.. the transition back up - just the same.. but felt like hitting a curb at 60 miles an hour which basically it was.. bounced straight up, then the back wheel hit the transition for the bucking bronco effect. . I wonder what people in cars think when you launch up in the air next to them at freeway speeds.

Thanks DOT for creating such good motocross courses.


Diesel said...

Glad your alright brutha.

WorD said...

It's in the air for sure 3 of my peeps in Chi town went down last week all beacuse of silly drivers in cars. glad your still up right bikes can be fixed.

t said...

thanks .. two people you know..damn.. hope they're alright