June 11, 2009

Tank and fender are going in for paint.. Why is it a bike without paint seems to get labeled a rat bike.. I hate that term. Rat rod.. rat bike.. I lived in a house with a big rat problem years ago.. dead rat.. you never forget the smell of that. I don't want to have anything to do with rats. Nothing that has been put together with heart is a rat in my book. Paint or no paint.


AvgasStew said...

Your taking this the wrong way.....while rats can be a bad thing.....ratus can be a good thing too.
I remember a group of us standing around a CB750. It was set up as a cafe, but whole bike was matt black. Its looked dodgey as hell - but we were all smiling. Then like some kind of command we all looked at each other - still smiling, and announced "Now that's a nice rat"
It was an admiration for something we all knew was like that for a reason of style. An individual in a room full of shiny bikes

Doug said...

i hear ya on the rats..found one was constantly eating all the crumbs/morsels/cheese drippings
from my BBQ..he was pissin me off cuz i tried everything on a rat trap..he could get it off without setting it off..so i used dental floss to TYE that steak onto it..found it tripped off but no RAT?!?!? Found him with a dislocated jaw all dried up when i trimmed the Ivy..jaw all hanging..rats -0, Me-+1 ha ha
Love the bike..rat bike do not show engineered thought out details
usually and YOURS looks AWESOME
Headin up to Seattle to see the In-laws for the 4th of July!

t said...

4th of July in Seattle is generally a nice day. Couple 4th's ago Mateo Travis Trevor and I rode all over the city from the day till after midnight .. 85 degrees.. no clouds..Lake Washington to Golden Gardens..Georgetown, Beacon Hill We just kept traversing the city.. while riding near Lake Union and Roanoke when the fireworks were going off. Sky was lit up and every once in a while you could hear and feel the concussion of the fireworks going off in the lake. When you looked across 1-5 there were thousands of people watching from the hill all bathed in the light of the fireworks. We turned down a side street and all of us almost slid out because the street was completely covered in red firecracker wrappers for a good 100 yard block. One of my favorite 4th of July's ever.

Doug said...

I'm counting the days...probably swing over to Ivers and graab some steamers and a few pints

SeeMeSee said...

Ratt-L can that shit

Chris said...

Change is good and paint is nice but your bike is very great the way it is. The pics are amazing!

So-Kahl rides said...

Hey man! I really don´t like that rat labeling eather! Paint or no paint.. all hart!