September 30, 2009

LA .. Saturday..

JD winning Josh's Pics for most bad ass dresser I believe..

Josh winning most creative bike

Went down to LA this past weekend, Born Free, Cycle Zombies,KarlsonExhibit,Long Beach Swap Meet. All those events in one weekend .. my favorite part was just riding around with everyone.


matt@machine said...

hey t, i feel so far away sometimes. all that in one weekend. the new header is ace.


t said...

I feel the same way and I'm only in Seattle.

The header is A's car! Pinto Power.. my parents had a 74 pinto (the gas tank exploding version).. I had to sit in air conditioning, vinyl seats.. that large rear window was so hot probably contributed to melt my brain. I've never thought of even buying a Ford since then.. Car was diabolical.. luckily we were never rear ended .. I wouldn't be writing this.