October 2, 2009

For Wil...

Thank you Wil for being a great host and for putting us up longer than we (or I) expected to stay. I had a blast with everyone and was surprised the KZ could keep up with those big Harleys. The Ortega was my favorite ride and hanging out in Wil's garage is my new favorite pass time. Miss you all and hope to be on a sunny road again soon!


BCM said...

Come on back!


WorD said...

I have the words.. but dare not express them....Gratitude is at the center...i have found my new tattoo it seems...thank you n
thank you t

u are both welcome anytime

Nix said...

So nice meeting you Kim! We need to change out our tyres. :)

WorD-that would be awesome if you got that-be honored.