October 3, 2009

North Bend was used as the town in David Lynch's Twin Peaks and this is the diner that became famous for it's Cherry Pie. It used to be a nice small town diner.. but then the tour buses started coming in droves. They must've made a lot of money because they remodeled the place so it looks like a Johnny Rockets and now seems to have lost it's original charm. Too bad because they did have good pie there.

Near the town of North Bend used to be the town of Meadowbrook but nothing is there now except for a motorcycle shop full of shovels, pans, and knuckles and the mechanics who ride them, a great little cycle shop.


Trader said...

In 8negro are true fans of this girl and her bike.


How could we know something more about her?


t said...

You could buy the new Dice or Sideburn magazines I suppose.