March 22, 2008



March 20, 2008

March 18, 2008

Zee Bars to Wee Bars

A shot I took in the morning after morning hop to the sugar shack for a little tender latte. Then after a impromptu ride along to the salvage, where I found these scooter bars, Vinos, I think. Which is cool, its keeping the blood pure.

Late nights

One of those nights, where since I slept all day I went all night. Saw some bands, then after hours at the bar, then the best part of all, riding dead empty streets of Seattle at four thirty in the morning.

Dale's Ironhead

I met Dale about six years ago, he had been building this bike for a little while already. Its my favorite classic chopper, I should have taken more photos to show the unique details. Next time, were supposed to do a camp-out ride in the spring, I'll get them then. Yeah, right.

"one piece at a time"

Well, it may have been inspired by that great Cash song, but I'm sure there is some bucks and tears tied up in there.