October 24, 2009

I was at this opening for a store that has had some stands and tables made in our shop. The store has a lot of things that you might find at a swap meet or estate sale. They find all this random stuff then sell it all in their store for big bucks. Who buys this stuff for the prices they sell it for? I don't know. They did have this working cutaway engine model there and I sat there and watched it working away for a while. I love these things. It's like watching a fountain or something.. soothing.

October 23, 2009

Turn 1

Forever Two Wheels

I've done a lot of different kinds of bicycle racing .. Road Cycling being one of them. After I stopped BMX racing in 87 I went into bicycle Road Racing .. and quickly found out it was pretty damn hard. I did it off and on for a few years until I became totally hooked in 1993 and it became an obsession. I raced until early 2006. When I finally decided it was time to stop. It felt strange to have so much extra time on my hands.. before I had none. I was either training, working, racing, or traveling. I feel more comfortable on two wheels than I do walking and my road bike still feels like a part of me even though I only ride it a fraction of what I used to.

October 22, 2009

Hwzn Bross

I took these photos last year in Japan.. I love the Hwzn Bross bikes.. you can look at them for hours and find all sorts of little details in them. Their custom parts fit the eras of the bikes perfectly and don't overpower and look strange next to the other original parts. The weathered patina from use makes me want to hear their stories.

Last years Mooneyes.. the two Hondas that stole the Parking lot ride in...
Around 1976 I had this same set up with a Schwinn I had minus the shifter and gears .. the sissy bar worked as a crash bar when I went over the bars one time.. kind of saved me from the bike landing on top of me, but most of the time the sissy bar would just get in the way every time you tried to jump off a curb or something. I eventually ripped it all down and built my first bmx bike out of it.


I don't know why he's got Funeral on his number plate but I like it. Those RRS cruisers were sweet.

October 19, 2009

Hawgholic 41

My friend Gaku sent me some photos of a new bike he is building at his Hawgholic shop in Tokyo, this period 41 bobber. The tank is paint over chrome. Looks good Gak!