July 17, 2009

July 15, 2009

My friend Dan sent me this in response to me posting the photo of Tinker at Lakewood

Funny, when i lived in Lakewood(1976 to 1983), i had a membership to "Lakewood center skatepark" for about a year. It was literally right next to Lakewood mall. They finally shut down the skatepark because they could'nt pay the rent. Not enough people were going there, although the pro's were in there every night. I must've been about 12 or so. I never really did any of the big stuff there, just the low areas of the snake run, the clover and a few little walls that barley had any transition in them. That park was right across the street from the cop shop as well, and when they eventually shut down the skatepark, they threw up a bobbed wire fench, but the older guys came everyday to cut a hole in it. It was a fucking free for all!!! we went there everyday in that summer. the cops would chase us out, but we'd be back in there in like 10 minutes!!! this happened all day long, everyday. They finally started scaring us with a helicopter they would put in the air and get the bull horn on us, saying we'd all be arrested if we didn't leave. We had a great summer until one day, we showed up and they had already started to fill it with concrete and rocks...the end of one of the best parks ever in the world. the first wave of concrete parks. check it:http://www.tmetz.net/skateboard/lakewood/

July 13, 2009

this Friday.. DiCE thing in Georgetown..

Dean of DiCE sent me this .. Before the Dice-Disaster Daze thing on Saturday they're making a stop-over for a film screening party Friday evening in Seattle.

then Saturday in Vancouver, BC.. Motorcycho and DiCE ..

July 12, 2009