August 22, 2009

August 21, 2009

North Cascades Run?

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I've been talking of doing this ride with my friend Jeff.. he was sort of planning it out, getting a small group and just going.. but now he doesn't have the time. I'm lousy at planning things. Leave on a Friday morning, back on Sunday night. Sometime in September. Camp two nights. Anyone down?


One of my favorite roads to ride on a nice evening is the viaduct. Your right at rooftop level.. city on one side
the sound on the other. At the far end is a tunnel that goes under the city streets for a few blocks, the corners are pretty tight. Like the corners on the Pasadena freeway.. they wouldn't build corners like that now. The rubber marks go all the way up the wall, some are at least 6 feet up. I haven't seen anyone actually get up on the wall but I've heard the stories. Sadly the viaduct is being torn down and like most of the things I liked about Seattle.. it'll be gone too. A long tunnel will be built as a replacement that will go underneath the entire length of the waterfront, maybe the new tunnel will be fun to bomb through as well but this view from a motorcycle skipping along the edge of the city will no longer be.

August 18, 2009

day trip

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A friend of mine just moved to Cashmere Wa from Nevada.. which gave me a good excuse to do one of the better rides around here yesterday. Seattle to Cashmere via Snoqualmie and Blewitt Pass .. then back home across Stevens Pass. Temperature in the 80's.. clear skies, got to Cashmere, ate some taco truck tacos, swam in the river, rode my friends yz250, rode back. I wish I could do it all again today

August 17, 2009

brave soul

Last Bonneville pic.. someone was running this sportster on the Salt with Apes..

August 16, 2009