January 24, 2009

JMC Darrell Young Frame

My JMC Darrell Young Frame, Fork, bars and Seatpost. I had 3 of these, the other two were stolen back at races back then. This was the first one from around the Fall of 1983 and the only one I have left, it's kinda banged up.. but still has the original paint and headset sticker. I never put the Darrell Young Design stickers on the downtube and even still have a set and a warranty card that I never sent in.
This frameset was way ahead of it's time. Steep head angle, laidback seatpost angle, long for the era top tube.. people thought the frame angles looked weird when it came out but after you rode it and got used to it all other frames felt slow in comparison. I'll never sell this one, it's got a lot of memories. I need to build it up, just need some period correct single pinch bolt Redline flight cranks and some blackwall Carlisle tires .. it just wouldn't look right with any new parts on it.

Gen Shovel Spice Tokyo

January 23, 2009

January 21, 2009

I wish this was my backyard.

January 20, 2009