April 10, 2010

I love this photo

April 8, 2010

nineteen seventy seven 67

In 1977 I was watching Charlies Angels and had a Farrah poster on my wall.. who didn't? My favorite movie was Logan's Run and in 77 they came out with a lame TV version that sucked. Around this time I got 8 track tapes through those publisher clearing house deals .. where you got 20 of them for cheap but then they kept sending you a lame one every month if you didn't pick and buy one.. I always forgot and got the lame one which I would inevitably use as a frisbee .. how many eight tracks would you find along side the road in those days?

I dig this Extractor exhaust on this 67 .. low but upswept, no squishpipe shorty exhaust cans with a slight slash cut, anyone got one collecting dust they want to part with?

Nice how they kept the stock primary, it's been shaved and they chromed it, the stock primaries on early shovels have that sandcast look which to me looks better than chrome but to each his own.

Hoarding and Polishing

Found a 67 rear wheel a bunch of years ago at a swap meet. One of those swap meets where I found nothing I was looking for or needed. I bought the 50 dollar rear wheel even though I had no use for it at the time, one of those I have to buy something or I just wasted my time coming here purchases. It was a good deal as it even came with a rear drum. I remember thinking maybe I'll have a 67 someday and I'll need it. Collected dust in my garage year after year and even tried to sell it at swaps a few times since I had no use for it, Good thing no one bought it because now I can use it on my 67. Hoarding does pay off I suppose. I've been using the brake drum on the bike and the bearings in the rear invader..all from that swap meet wheel. I'm going to lace the hub up to a different rim but first spent the evening polishing it as it was covered with a greasy dust and had some surface rust on it. Came out alright for 43 yr old original chrome. Not Kim Boyle quality shiny but it'll do for me.

April 7, 2010

April 5, 2010

flathead 1960's

I love the Flathead in the photo.. huge front tire.. wide low z bars with two sets of risers.. sweet..

now that I'm able to look at the photo closer.. it's apparent it's a trike!

April 4, 2010

Custom Cycle Engineering Bird Deflector For Sale

Custom Cycle Engineering Bird deflector .. no cracks.. looks like it was chomed.
email me if your interested chicomotoblog@gmail.com

Wassel Tank SOLD

Wassel tank For Sale. Was going to use this tank but decided on another one instead. No dents. Mounts were already put on but not drilled. Orange Fade paint job with some rust patina to go with it. Needs a little braze on the front where the seam split it looks like. Easy fix.

email me if your interested chicomotoblog@gmail.com

Frisco Sporty Tank For Sale

NOS Frisco Sporty Tank - email me if your interested chicomotoblog@gmail.com

Joe Hunt Magneto SOLD

I need to sell of some parts to pay for some machining on my Pan. I put new points and condensor in this Joe Hunt. Have a new cap that comes with it as well. The mag is already ground down for clearance on a Pan including the rear cap mount thread to clear the pushrod. Email me if your interested. chicomotoblog@gmail.com