March 13, 2010

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March 12, 2010


The back roads around Chico, Red Bluff area of Northern Cal have some nice pavement and some long sweepers. These were listed as 55 mph.. I think the speed limit was 55 on the straight parts so the sign must mean "keep the throttle on .. don't bother backing off for this one Jack." It's usually easy to double any corner speeds posted so hitting these at over 100 would be pretty good stuff. Not that I could've done that on my bike.. it would have rattled every nut and bolt off before I slid out from the bald rear tire.

March 11, 2010

March 10, 2010


Caleb of Cro Customs came to my rescue when my battery died in Hollywood. Got to Hang out with Caleb, check out his shop, and went on a ride that night. Good times.


Cherry Blossoms looked like snow.


4am.. was following a semi for 35 miles or so as it was all I could see in the heavy fog. After about 10 miles I started getting sensory depravation and fatigued and it was hard to keep concentrating on just the lights in front of me.. there were no exits though so I had to keep going. For 25 miles I tried to keep myself from nodding off or riding off the road. Finally an exit came and I stopped for a while, the fog lifted and it started getting a little light out.

March 8, 2010

Welcome Back Copper

Rode through rain, freezing high winds and then some snow flurries today. Not that bizarre it always snows here first few weeks of March. I remember because I did at least one bike race with snow every March that I can remember. You don't foget that.
20 miles from my house got pulled over at noon by Johnny Law he must've been wondering where I'd been. He was real nice yelling at me to remove my helmet like I just robbed a convenience store. Seems I didn't have my lights on during the day. Said sorry been riding back from Southern California and out of habit didn't turn them on. You can ride without lights during the day there. I tried to explain my generator charging issues, saving the battery, just trying to get home etc.
Well this isn't California.. The bike shouldn't be on the road with no lights- slaps a 124 dollar ticket in my hand, have a nice day. Snow flurries melting on the paper as I stare at it.
Welcome back to Washington
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March 7, 2010


Jeremy met up with me near Chico and rode with me up to Shasta. Weather was perfect, curvy mtn highways, doesn't get much better on a motorcycle. Nice riding along with you this afternoon Jeremy.
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