January 9, 2010

1967 Sachs

Rode out to this Vintage MX show today. My favorite bike there was this Sachs. I've always loved the leading link fork they came with. This one had been in a fire .. and the owner had recently restored it back to health.

January 8, 2010

off topic .. old photos..

I've never posted any of my other photography as it has nothing to do with motorcycles but maybe from time to time I will as I get burned out on motorcycle photos all the time. 18 plus years ago I had a show on this and other dancers (ballet not pole) photos I did, I can't believe it's been that long. Still some of my favorite photos I've taken. Each time I went out with a dancer I never knew what I'd come back with. I'd be nervous waiting for the film to process and then when I'd see the captures on film I'd be excited and feel high for the rest of the day. That high feeling you get when you create something that didn't exist before. I've been addicted to that feeling ever since I was a little kid of around 7 when I broke one of the plastic Models of a car I was building. I was bummed at first but then I used all the parts and others I had laying around to make a spaceship out of it. It was so much better than the car model I couldn't believe it. I kept coming back to that spaceship and thinking.. wow I made this out of that stuff I was going to throw out.

I think some people will recognize the top middle photo location .. El Mirage.. this was back when I was living in LA and I used to go out to the desert and shoot photos whenever I got the chance. It was Jan or Feb and very windy and cold that day.. with some snow flurries! My friends girlfriend at the time was the model at El Mirage and she toughed it out for about 15 frames.. but that's all she could take.It was too cold. I was thankful she was even able to do that many as I was wearing a jacket and was freezing. Luckily I got a few images out of a 120 roll and a half. All these were done long before I even owned a computer or photoshop.. everything done in camera. Filters, lighting.. back when you had to know what you were doing so you didn't mess the whole thing up. Drag people out to the desert to jump around in the cold and then screw the shots up or get the exposures wrong and you'd hear about it. I did use polaroid proofs in those days..but those packs of polaroid were pricey so I would only shoot one or two polaroids before film so I wouldn't waste them. Damn photography was expensive back then.

January 7, 2010

thanks Dennis

txdennis.blogspot.com sent me these two sweet pics .. He sent me this one of an early shovel in the stock frame. I think he's sick of my dresser pics! I believe he said it was from an old AEE catalog. I like the high mounted peanut tank but they might want to change the cap to a higher position as look how much gas they're missing out on! The peanut's don't hold much as it is. I was going to go this high on my pan but didn't want to move the cap to the higher position so I compromised and went a little lower so I could have just a little more gas.

I don't normally like stock tanks on choppers but this pan looks like a highway beast. I have a seat really similar to this one that I got in Davenport. One of the few things I got in Davenport actually and I've been thinking up my whole bike based around that seat.. probably not even end up being able to use it but it's funny how one part can't start a whole project.

January 6, 2010


I know someone in Seattle will recognize that Vard.

uh Jimmy ..

January 5, 2010


Gaku sent me over some 3.5 gallon shovel tanks for Christmas. Thanks Gak! Had to put them on and try the wagon out. Makes it feel like a completely different bike, was even able to get the carb dialed in finally while riding around. I couldn't before because the hippo size tanks were in the way. Doesn't feel like your sitting on top of a school bus anymore well maybe it's just the short bus now. It was foggy and wet out but with a screen and a front fender .. who cares.

January 3, 2010

freedom isn't free

Took the garbage wagon out for around 150 miles of shake down miles over the weekend.Nothing rattled off so it felt like a success. I have to admit a wind screen in the cold weather and rain is pretty nice.