February 18, 2012

February 16, 2012

I've had this freshly machined front head waiting to be put on for some time. It had the early screw in type intake before but I had it converted to the later rubber band style. Figured I'd swap it out for the old one which is tired but still works. I kind of have a bad feeling about it before I precede.."If it's running don't fix it."

Got the old head off everything fine so far.. discovered the head gasket had come apart near the oiler hole just not all the way yet so I guess it's a good thing I tore it apart now. That gasket would have left me stranded sooner or later.

Get the front head on but the manifold wont fit.. now I notice the intake nipple and how much bigger it is ..hey what's this chun nipple doing on this thing!

Maybe my manifold was too wide .. I had an old skinnier manifold rusting somewhere.. found it .. but nope even the jenny craig manifold wont fit. Yes!! I have just wasted my time.

I'm over the moon with joy. Put the whole thing back together with the old tired head just like it was before.

* just for the record I used the word Head 5 times in this post 6 including the title

February 14, 2012