December 18, 2009

another person's problems ..

Been trying to make this 69 somewhat ridable. Changed the bars to some lower stainless ones that I bought from Chica for 1o bucks at Dave Mann. Then went for a test ride, clutch keeps slipping.. adjusted it but still slips a bit.maybe the plates are oily or glazed. Changed the seat to my panhead solo seat. Went out for a test ride and the break plunger broke in half. Fixed that. Went to adjust the chain and the rear hub bearings are binding to the point of seizure when the axle is tightened. Probably explains the clutch slipping. If I could get Panhead gas tanks, a stock speedo, rid of that stupid air cleaner and then paint over or sandblast the horrible red and get rid of those long fish tail attachments, install a kicker pedal get rid of the starter, and car battery. Then install a tin primary cover, horshoe oil tank..smaller battery,foot clutch, etc etc.. well I might actually ride it for a few weeks like that. But I'll probably just toss the motor in my wishbone frame and use my collected parts to build it up from scratch. It get's a little old trying to right someone elses headaches and neglect.

Update: previous owner didn't have the inner spacer in the hub which is why the thing was locked up when tightened down. I wonder how long it was like this? The wheel only turned if you left the axle loose. Scary. Luckily I didn't go far. My days with the 69 may be numbered .. might be trading it for something else..

loser machine

December 16, 2009

Gen Shovel Mooneyes

This Generator Shovel at the Mooneyes show had a lot to look at on it. Sadly I don't know who made it or anything about it.

another Basara bike

December 15, 2009

Real Deal

69 FL Winnebago

In between Japan and LA, I managed to buy this. 69Fl... I really wanted a 67 but this was too good a deal to pass up .. It's a pig and needs a diet. Gak, Johnny.. any time .. it's yours to ride. It's not going to look like this for too long. Although the screen is nice in the rain.

Ito-San's Pan , Basara MC

December 13, 2009

Dave Mann

Kiyo.. rips on his knuckle..
Jeremiah of Love Cycles .. uses his throttle sparingly .. wide open or closed.
4Q knuckle

JD on the Dice Sportster he built

Kurpius .. always in the right spot.. burnouts at the stop lights.. cops love that. Luckily Jeremiah and the Chino boys knew him.

What could be better than this in December..