December 3, 2009

December 1, 2009


Full moon tonight .. took the Pan out for a nocturnal foray this time, took a few photos.. felt good to be riding it again. I've been missing it more than I knew.

Bob 'OZ' Osbourne and Bicycle Motocross Action Magazine was like a surrogate father to me growing up. I looked forward to every issue like it was Christmas and absolutely would devour and analyze every word and photo in the magazine. My friends and I could recite the words of Oz like it was scripture. Wish I could have remembered my text books that well. His photography was the first catalyst that drew me to wanting to be a photographer. I would see him at races and I would watch him like a hawk and see how he was shooting.. then months later see how the shot came out in the magazine. I remember trying to approach him and say thanks at a race back then.. but I couldn't do it.. the words wouldn't come out. I can now .. thanks Mr. Osbourne.

November 30, 2009

nocturnal emissions

12 midnght Sunday, freeways are clear.. .. warmer tonight than usual and it's not raining .. good time for a late night lake run

get your nuts in order before you go..

nocturnal essentials. the knife is good if get your hand stuck
in a crevice you can use it to cut your hand off.

helmet laws...

my little pony

1st tunnel .. you can open it up here and have it full throttle by the time you come out the other side onto the bridge. Feels like your shot out of a canon and flying acoss the lake.

2nd tunnel long right sweeper.. you can throttle it though here but when you look
over your shoulder to see if a cop is behind you be careful you don't drift in to the wall.

that's a cop on the right up there.. they've pulled someone over. .slow and try and look innocent, maybe they wont notice that your bike has a million DMV rule violations

405 meets 520.. nice little S turn section out though after the first corner a car will almost always turn up in front of you doing 30 when you can be doing twice that.

520 floating bridge 2 lanes no shoulder... not the greatest place to break down

Seattle again

back in the hood almost home .. rev your bike a lot when you come to the the stop lights, the people that live next to them love that, actually just roll the lights .. they never turn green this time of night. Turn the motor off a block away from the house and just coast in. The neighbors don't need to have more reasons to hate you.

November 29, 2009