May 22, 2010

Gaku's barn fresh 61 XLCH

My friend Gaku of Hawgholic emailed me last weekend and said he found a bike he's wanted since he was a kid. A 61 xlch. It looked pretty stock and had been sititing in a barn for 20 yrs. The only catch it was near Portland. Would I check it out for him and get it. Two trips to Portland later after dealing with a woman who didn't know the meaning of the word barter I had the bike and now Gak is the owner of this barn fresh beast. To be honest I didn't know shit about early Sportsters before this and now I want one. The XLCH is basically a bare bones enduro, magneto.. no battery, a few wires for the lights running right off the generator and regulator and that's it. This thing has good compression and everything works.. with a little bit of cleaning up.. some new oil and gas it will be on the road. Gak said he's putting the hi pipes and laconia bars on it and that's about it.

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trainwreck said...

Post up some pics when she's up and runnin.