June 13, 2010

Late Wed. afternoon I decided I really needed to be able to take a passenger on my Panhead. I needed some roundstock though as I needed a different sissy bar.. and it was past 4, all the places were closed. Luckily was able to get some from my friend Matt at Redsoul, then went down the street to Twinline and borrowed their tig and torch and went to work. Had the sissybar done that evening but I kept trying to make this old king and queen work and wasted a lot of time on that and the fitting of this fender as I wanted it have good support for a passenger. Was supposed to leave Thursday for Born Free but I was feeling too tired to drive over night. So I slept a little that night instead. On Friday morning I gave up on the King and Queen put this solo and p pad on instead. I left Friday at 3pm from Seattle and drove my Truck with mine and Andre's bike down to LA for the Born Free show, with little sleep in 3 days. I got to Costa Mesa at 11, unbelivable the bike fired first kick! Rode to the show with the first passenger I've had on the bike. Within a mile we hit a big dip in the road and both got a good half foot off the seats. The setup held up .. I felt more confident about it after that.. .. bike ran great. By the time we got there show was well underway and overwhelming. Lots of people tons of amazing bikes.


jimmy monk said...

Feeling lucky T?

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Unknown said...

When you putting that pretty sissy bar back on?