November 14, 2010


Had some Flanders risers laying around for a while. Was missing a few parts. Bill was nice enough to machine me a new top cap, didn't have any elastomers so I got an old Skateboard wheel off my friend Todd and hacked it up. I didn't want the risers moving too much so the polyurethane worked out pretty solid. Polyurethane is not easy to work with I learned so that took a while. Didn't have any of the top cap nuts in 7/16 x14 laying around and I went all over searching for those.. finally found some after I took the photos. Wondered what drag bars would be like with the risers so I put those on as well. I tried to fit the cables to a different position but broke the inner front brake cable... didn't have another one.. kind of a weird size, only had the later glide cable which is thicker. So I had to solder up a new front cable after I had to go find a cable that was the right diameter, also had to change the throttle cable as well. Rode the bike around the block.. nope liked the old setup better .. changed it all back.

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