December 31, 2010

fast forward, pause, fast forward


christiano said...

which movie is this?

-happy new year-

cheers from italy


t said...

The Hard Ride.

Happy New Year

ND said...

rad... captures the moment

Anonymous said...

WOW! Do these pics bring back memories! I was an extra in "The Hard Ride" and played a biker chick. Frank Charolla was an incredibly talented man. I met him several months before we went on location to Apple Valley and Victorville, CA and remained close friends until his death. He and his bikes also had a part in this movie and a few others, ("The Black Six", "Wild Riders", Angels Hard as They Come" and "The Car Hops"). He was a technical advisor and also did some stunt work. When he was in a movie he called his friends that hired him to work on their bikes and took them with him to be extras in the movies. Those were some wild partying days! He was very proud of the chopper he named "Baby". It was absolutely beautiful to see in person. I wonder whatever happened to that ever so sweet chopper?
Thanks for letting me go down Memory Lane!
B from Encinitas, CA

Liscian Gandy said...

That is my Grandpa Frank Charolla. I never met him, just google searching him now. How cool!