April 30, 2010

East Bay Style

I love this low slung style that came about in the East Bay in the early 70's and so does Vilmino of Loser Rules..so here ya go brother..

Hayward, Cal. Cycleolgy single downtube frame

Little did I know as a kid at my Grandfathers place in San Lorenzo that I was surrounded by so much chopper wizardry in nearby San Leandro, Hayward, and Oakland.

then the style moving North to Portland,Or.

BC Choppers, Portland Or.
.. it seems Portland girls ruled even back then.


matt machine said...

THATS A FUCKEN POST!!!!...nice t!...

Vilmino said...

April ends with the best post around!!!

Thank you so much for sharing, bro.

East Bay style rules hard!!!

Tell us more about Cycleolgy.

Sideburn Magazine said...

I want those strides!
(& that waistline)

David Bond said...

Man I grew up in the East Bay, and I can remember more that a few of these 60's and 70's choppers around in the late 80's, and 90's. I kick myself now, because they could have been bought for next to nothing. But we were young, and thought we knew everything, and at the time we made fun of them. Stupid!!!! What's so rad about alot of the Hayward/San Leandro bikes, is that they never ran foot pegs. They would just hang their boot heal on the frame or pipes. Punkers!

christiano said...

justi say wow!!!! what a post!!!

cool you grew up in east bay area back then.

choppers and bobbers are just like rock n roll music....the song remains the same! ;-)