February 27, 2010

Big 3 SD

Checked out the big 3 swap in San Diego. It was after 5 and technically over but people were hanging out, drinking and bar b Q'n. Its huge and would take a long time to walk it. I got my bike in shh don't tell anyone, and putted around looking for the bike stuff . Hung out with Mr. Moreland of Moreland choppers and his friends.
Supposed to rain today so guess the rain followed me down again sorry A!

My phone ran out of juice.
Staying at my old friend Dan's place in SD. Known him since I was 16 more like a brother to me. Had quite a few adventures all over the world together.

My generator light came on and sure enough the battery isn't being charged. Bike made it to Dan's place and didn't leave me stranded. At least I know the warning light works! I was too tired to deal with it and passed out on Dan's couch I hadn't slept since tuesday night as I left at 730pm wed after working most of the day. Got into LA at noon. The 5 had stop and go traffic all the way to San Diego. I stopped at San Onofre to check out the waves as I was feeling too tired and frazzled to deal with lane splitting but eventually got back on the 5 after an hour or so. Lane splitting the last 50 miles of stop and go to the stadium where the swap was, but got there after 5.
1200 miles later was feeling a bit delirious from lack of sleep, passed out on Dan's couch after he made us some food.
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Fashion Serial Killer said...

damn, you rode ALLLL the way down to San Diego from WA? if you head to AZ let me know I can tell you where to go.