February 21, 2010

must be raining in LA

because the weather was perfect here.. Andre and I rode all day. He rode the 67 and I rode the Pan.. we rode around till it got dark. Hope it's raining in LA tomorrow too!


matt machine said...

mate..that looks like fun...i got a mates moto guzzi griso here that i picked up on the weekend...he wants me to do some stuff to it....i rode it around today and it made me remember why i hate riding modern bikes...i cant feel anything...rather ride a pan anyday...or shovel, or ....

t said...

I know what you mean

jimmy monk said...

T, hope you're well.
Any news on the bits and pieces.
I have fucked my back playing soccer and am laid up high on painkillers thinking about motorcycles.
God bless

t said...

oh man I'm sorry

I was waiting for the gaskets you said were coming.. haven't got them yet. I can send it all when they get it here or just the other stuff up to you.

jimmy monk said...

I think the gaskets took the wrong turn at Albequerque. They are chasing them up. My address is; Jimmy Monk, 58a Uverdale Rd, London, SW10 0SS. England. If you find out how much the shipping is, send me an email with the total and I can either send you cash or Paypal whichever is easier.
I am loving the Shovel.
God Bless