February 25, 2010

coffee Sutherlin, Or

Followed a frito lay semi for a couple hours because the roads were really wet at times and it got pretty foggy couldn't see much but the trucks lights in front of me at times. Keeps things interesting.
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jimmy monk said...

It's late, its cold and wet and you've got to get home. Two hours of hanging on. the rain has gone through the front of you jeans but not out the back so there's an icy puddle of water by your bits and pieces.
nurse that coffee T.

BCM said...

Tough as nails award!
What happened to driving?

t said...

Driving didn't sound so fun. I was questioning that decision in the rain all night, that and how front fenders were designed byr people that didn't like water in the face , and I'd be better off at the moment to have one on. I have duct tape instead doesn't work as good as a fender go figure.